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Shozo Michikawa Exhibits in Japanese Museum

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to announce that work by acclaimed Japanese ceramicist, Shozo Michikawa, is featured in a joint exhibition with photographer, Yoshinori Seguchi at the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center in Aichi, Japan.  This exhibition, titled Nature into Art, is now open for public viewing at the museum.

Yoshinori Seguchi’s photography focuses on nature, and he has sometimes worked alongside Michikawa over the past 20 years. Michikawa’s ceramic sculptures are positioned between and throughout the photographs, emphasising their connection to the natural world.

This exhibition comprises of 33 ceramic sculptures by Michikawa and 30 photographs by Seguchi, and is viewable until the 18th of September 2016.

Michikawa has had three solo exhibitions within Erskine, Hall & Coe, and examples of available works by him may be seen here.

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