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New Display of The Anthony Shaw Collection

We are pleased to announce that the York Art Gallery has unveiled a new display of The Anthony Shaw Collection, and it is now viewable to visitors.

The Anthony Shaw Collection retains its special character as a collection responsive to innovation in the field of British ceramic art.  A new display of his collection of ceramics and art has been created by independent curator Tessa Peters.

In making the selection, Peters has chosen to include a number of Anthony Shaw’s most recent acquisitions, from Gordon Baldwin, Kerry Jameson, Nao Matsunaga and Sara Radstone, while considering their relationships to earlier works, both their own and with those of other significant figures such as Ewen Henderson and Gillian Lowndes.

Ceramics, paintings, sculptures, textiles and souvenirs sit together harmoniously within the domestic-style space created by Anthony Shaw and designer Martin Smith.  In her display, Peters demonstrates how personal collections can continually transform our homes.

Further information about this display can be found on the York Art Gallery's website here.


The illustrated works are included in the display.  All images courtesy of York Museums Trust (York Art Gallery).

Nao Matsunaga Unknown Unnatural Unreal a jameson baldwin