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Gwyn Hanssen Pigott 1935-2013

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott 1935 - 2013

On the 5th July, two days after suffering a stroke, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott died.

Gwyn was still in London following her wonderful exhibition in June. She was bubbling with plans for the months ahead - trips to Hong Kong and Shigaraki as well as returning to Britain later in the year to see her work on exhibition in Chatsworth House.

On the day of the opening of Gwyn's exhibition, Martina Margetts came to interview her. As the interview drew to a close Gwyn said:

"I wanted to say that when pots come out of the kiln quite often, I mean very often, I just want to say thank you because I feel they're a gift..."

gwyn hanssen pigott portrait