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Claudi Casanovas new website launched

Claudi Casanovas has just launched a new website.This shows an extensive look at Claudi Casanovas's history, exhibitions and artworks. This can be viewed, here.   

The website looks at Claudi Casanovas's ambiguous projects, such as the momental sculpture, 'Als vençuts' in Olot in Catalonia and the Sculptural intervention 'Stairs of ice' in Savitaipale,  Findland. The website also looks at the artist's ceramics from 1975 to the present day, his graphic works and shows videos of his making process in his studio

Our last solo exhibition of Claudi Casanovas's work, called Quart Minvant (Waning Crescent) was in July 2017, and took place in the beautiful Fitzrovia Chapel, in Pearson Square. Further information about that exhibition can be seen here

 In July 2017, we also had on display early works by Claudi Casanovas, this can be seen, here

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