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Anita Besson bequest to the Derek Williams Trust

Anita Besson, who passed away in October 2015, has left her important private collection of 20th century ceramics to the Derek Williams Trust, who will be placing it on loan within the National Museum of Wales.

The collection of nearly 80 pieces comprises of works by the following artists:

Hans Coper

Lucie Rie

Michael Cardew

William Staite Murray

Vladimir Tsivin

Ian Godfrey

Ryoji Koie

Shiro Tsujimura

Claudi Casanovas

Jacqueline Lerat

Bernard Dejonghe

Ewen Henderson

Tatsuzo Shimaoka

In May 2016 a selection from the collection will go on display at National Museum Cardiff.  The museum is planning to display the full collection in autumn 2017.

To celebrate this bequest, we have produced a catalogue fully illustrating the works which can be viewed online here.


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