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Koji Hatakeyama & Matthew Harris

7 December 2017 - 12 January 2018

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to present Koji Hatakeyama & Matthew Harris, an exhibition comprising 45 cast bronze lidded boxes by Hatakeyama and accompanying works on paper by Harris.

Hatakeyama grew up in Takaoka, a city renowned for metal casting. He makes unpretentious cast bronze articles, particularly lidded boxes, which are not intended to necessarily be functional. He is more interested in the artistic worth of a piece, or as he has quoted, ‘every article I make should live.’  Many public collections have acquired Hatakeyama’s work, including the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo,  the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Harris, a British artist working with paper and cloth, has created a number of pictures which will be shown alongside Hatakeyama’s sculptures. Harris has exhibited widely throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Japan.

A catalogue accompanying this exhibition includes an essay by Emma Crichton-Miller. 

Many thanks to Katie Jones, for helping to make this exhibition possible.