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Ewen Henderson - 2014 Solo Exhibition

6 May - 5 June 2014

My Friend Ewen Henderson


We called him "Toad"
- just five minutes being driven by him would explain why!
Irascible, irritable, inspiring, brilliant.

His views on the art world could make you laugh - or cry
- or open up whole new vistas.
Sometimes all three.

He was quick to damn others but would then produce a 
generous and enlightening assessment of a fellow artist.
Or musician.
Or composer.

His passion for megaliths
- trips to Avebury and the Rollright Stones in north Oxfordshire.
And constantly observing and absorbing, interpreting and analysing.
It all came out in the work.
And what work!

A phone call: "Come round and see what I've just taken out of the kiln".
Or sitting in the first floor room at Cliff Road,
surrounded by ceramics of all shapes and sizes.
And always keen to talk about them. 

One day: "Do you fancy a "smashing session?"
- appraising old works and deciding their fate.
I rescued one, even though he wanted me to drop it on the ground.
I treasure it.
And I treasured him too.


Tim Sayer

BBC Journalist