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Bernard Dejonghe & Anthony Benjamin

3 - 25 September 2014

This exhibition brings together two artists that work in different media but share a common mastery of form, light and space. The ceramics and glass of Bernard Dejonghe (b. 1942) merge the primitive and cerebral, and are rooted in his travels throughout North Africa. The drawings by Anthony Benjamin (1931-2002) date from a period when he set aside the vibrant colours of his earlier paintings and prints and took up soft pencils on fine linen paper.

“My forms are never narrative. I do not want them to symbolise anything. It's an unusual thing in our culture that everything must have meaning. Maybe it is by this lack of meaning that they are meaningful.”
Bernard Dejonghe 

“To rationalise my own work is easy, but I don’t want to rationalise it, for in rationalising it one seems to be led by what seems rational.”
Anthony Benjamin