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Lluna Nova

1 - 30 May 2013

An exhibition of fifteen new works by acclaimed Catalan artist Claudi Casanovas.

The exhibition explores ideas relating to the theme of darkness and rebirth.

New moon - it’s a symbol of rebirth and fertility. From the dark light and life shall be reborn.
Nigra sum sed Formosa, I am black but beautiful.
It’s the cult of the Black Madonnas.
Each piece’s name is related to the Black Madonnas.
We are passing through or entering into a “Black” period, but from this darkness life shall be reborn
Each piece opens itself from its “blackness” to the others.
Space is reflected in its mass.
Like boulders, one makes another.
It's truth claims our touch, as they are forced to touch.
The works can be analysed either individually or as a group.
We are individuals, though at the same time, we are part of a community, and we interact with one another. The size, form, colour and texture of each piece are intertwined: in search of the origin.
The original beauty of a fruit, of an egg, of a boulder, of the moon.
I try to work with a system that allows for the integration of errors… Like in nature, where mutations are the origin of evolution.
Each one has his own associations with images, emotions, and ideas related to the works. It’s just like music, which evokes “something” unique in each of us.

Claudi Casanovas, 2013