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Ursula Scheid

1932 - 2008

Ursula Scheid was born in 1932 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, and studied at the Werkkunstschule in Darmstad.  Following her marriage to Karl Scheid, the two artists shared a studio in Dudelsheim and worked for Rosenthal, a German industrial porcelain company.

Scheid worked in stoneware and porcelain, was influenced by Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie and adhered to German traditions in aesthetic and design.  She was a member of 'The London Group,' which comprised six German potters who first exhibited at Henry Rothschild's gallery, Primavera in the late 1960s.


Group Exhibitions

  1. Winter Exhibition 7 - 21 December 2019
  2. Small Works, Great Artists 26 February - 21 March 2019