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Michel Muraour

b. 1943

Michel Muraour met Artigas in 1964 at the Massana School in Barcelona, where Artigas was professor of ceramics. He became his student and learned the process of woodfiring, practiced throwing clay and participated in the implementation of several ceramic murals for Miro.

Following this example, Muraour invites many artists to work in his studio.

After the ‘compressions de terre’ and ‘troncs de palmier,’ ‘les cylindres’ implement a similar approach. A simple, almost rigorous form highlights the materials and structure. Muraour uses templates to form his work and his hands in the interior of the pieces, but the true form is not revealed until the last moment.

Muraour uses fleeting thoughts as a tool to create his ceramics.

Tronc de Palmier