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Masamichi Yoshikawa

b. 1946

Masamichi Yoshikawa was born in Chigasaki City in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan in 1946.  Following Yoshikawa’s graduation from the Japanese Design Academy in 1968, he moved to Tokoname and studied under the tutelage of Sugie Junpei whilst specialising in ceramic sculpture.  

Yoshikawa focuses primarily on creating blue and white porcelain seihakuji wares. His bold forms, comprising of a thick celadon glaze, are very unique, as traditional celadon-glazed porcelain works are celebrated for their thin and sharp forms.  

He has been the recipient of numerous awards, most notably the grand prize at the Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale in 2004.  

Yoshikawa’s ceramics have been exhibited internationally in many public museum collections, including The Victoria and Albert Museum and the American Craft Museum.

Portrait of Masamichi Yoshikawa Kayoh