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Joanna Constantinidis

1927 - 2000

Joanna Constantinidis was born in York in 1927.  She studied fine art and ceramics at Sheffield College of Art before settling in Essex, where she worked as a part-time teacher at Chelmsford Technical College and School of Art, and a potter.  She was recognised for her outstanding contributions to the field of ceramics in 1978, when she was awarded the Medal of Honour at an international exhibition in Faenza.  In addition to this exhibition in Italy, her work was shown throughout the UK, the USA, as well as Germany and Belgium.

Constantinidis taught for nearly 40 years until she decided to focus solely on making ceramics.  Her work concentrated on the use of stoneware and porcelain and drew inspiration from British ceramic art, and modern and ancient Greece.  It also looked to medieval and industrial pottery, Staffordshire slipware and salt glaze.  

Public collections which represent Constantinidis's work include the Chelmsford Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.




Wave Form

Group Exhibitions

  1. British Ceramics 26 April - 26 May 2018
  2. Twelve Artists 11 April - 6 May 2017