Shozo Michikawa

b. 1953

Shozo Michikawa was born in Hokkaido, the most northern area of Japan. He studied at Aoyama Gakuin University, from where he graduated in 1975.  He initially had a career in business, but took up evening classes in art where he discovered his talent and passion for pottery. A few years later, Michikawa made the decision to give up his life in business and to focus on creating ceramics.

In July 2005, he was given the rare honour of being the first Japanese artist to have a solo exhibition of his art in The Forbidden City in Beijing.

Michikawa has widely exhibited in Japan and around the world, including the Philippines, Mongolia, France, China, New York and London.

"The energy of nature is truly immense. No matter how much our sciences and civilisation might evolve, the power of human beings is inconsequential in the face of natural threats such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and erupting volcanoes. I think this is why the works created by nature, for example, the patterns formed by the winds on the desert sands, or a majestic cliff overlooking the ocean, contain a power that can never be imitated by human hands. My own creative activities have been inspired by various phenomena in the natural world; even those that can be seen in everyday life."

Shozo Michikawa, essay from the Forbidden City Exhibition Catalogue.

Portrait of Shozo Michikawa Kohiki with Iron Twist and Slide

Solo Exhibitions

  1. Shozo Michikawa 28 October - 26 November 2015
  2. Shozo Michikawa 6 November - 4 December 2013
  3. Shozo Michikawa 16 November - 9 December 2011

Group Exhibitions

  1. International Ceramics 9 March - 10 April 2015
  2. Group Exhibition 16 April - 1 May 2014